Environmental Preferable Commercial Green Cleaning.

We are actively ensuing the greenest, healthiest custodial practices for building occupant well being, employee safety and cleaning efficiency.

Keys for our conservation and improving your IAQ:
Use environmentaly preferable chemicals – Not adding harsh chemicals to your buildings air.

Wet cleaning – Using buckets and wringing our cloths over spray bottles that mist into the air.

We launder cleaning cloths – Reduce landfill from disposables.

Use Micro fibre cloths – Increasing the effectiveness of cleaning solutions and outlast less expensive cloths.

Colour code cloths – To prevent contamination we do not use cloths from washrooms on desks.

We launder our mops – Reducing landfill from cheaper short lived mops and preventing contamination between sites.

Green certified trash bags – The bags we use are designed to decompose.

Vacuum filtration – Our vacuums are all commercial. They all have cloth filters plus a disposable filter that is generally at least four layers. Trapping the soil it is removing.

Sometimes common sense tells us green just isn’t green – When a practice termed Green uses three or four times the cleaners and consumes three or four times the manpower we no longer consider it green and will in those cases continue to use more effective methods that realistically we consider greener.