Every carpet we clean will first be thoroughly vacuumed. Study show most of the soil in carpet can be removed this way and becomes harder to remove once wet.

​Proper carpet cleaning solutions will be applied to the surface to start emulsifying the embedded soils. Special treatments will be used on any heavy build up, stains and spots.

With our self contained, Truck mounted unit we use high pressure hot water to thoroughly clean all your carpeting. We also use a rotary machine to agitate the surface, this aids our operator to be consistent. With the high powered vacuum only a truck mounted unit has we extract as much of the dirt as possible with a minimum of two drying passes. The dirty water is then safely pumped from our truck into a sanitary drain.

Our truck mounted unit is one of the most powerful units available. It was built with its own diesel motor strong enough to handle the largest commercial jobs.

Carpet Maintenance

For periodic maintenance and lighter cleaning, we also Bonnet clean carpets. This is a low moisture process that takes the surface soil out of the carpet. Carpets are dry usually within an hour.